Greetings!   I want to thank everyone who has been following this blog with an interest in (or bone to pick with) my writings on digital-age issues, piracy, et al.  I never quite intended to make this particular blog a forum solely dedicated to my interest in these matters so much as place for things related to film and unabashed self-promotion of my creative work.

So, in roughly a month’s time, I’ll be launching a new blog site designed to expand the discussion and debate about living and working with the Web as cultural and economic phenomenon.  In addition to my own op-eds that the folks at TechDirt seem to enjoy so much, I’ll also be offering written and audio podcast interviews with interesting, qualified, and entertaining people on all sorts of subjects.  Stay tuned for news and a new URL.

Also, I want to thank everyone who has commented here.  I will be taking down all or some of the archived articles from this site and migrating all or some of it to the new site.  I cannot promise to carry over your comments, but I hope you’ll forgive me enough to join the conversation after the move.




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