Production Notes – PR & Marketing

Debut Screening October 23rd

We are very happy that gone Elvis will debut at our home-town film festival.  FilmColumbia is a great, small, well-curated festival held in Chatham, NY and now celebrating its twelfth year.  Click here for details.

Our Progress to be Followed by IP Rights Organization

As of June, Copyright Alliance will follow gone Elvis through production, citing the film as exemplary of First Lady, Michelle Obama’s new initiative called Joining Forces.  The First Lady met with guild leaders in Hollywood as well as members of Copyright Alliance this past weekend and urged filmmakers to use their talents to tell stories about the lives of people who serve in the U.S. military.

Yesterday, at a meeting hosted by several Hollywood Guilds, including Copyright Alliance members Directors Guild of America,  American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Writers Guild of America, West, as well as Producers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild, First Lady Michelle Obama urged creators to support military families by incorporating storylines that share the experiences of our military forces into their creative works.

Click here to read the rest of the blog on CA’s website.

A New Alliance with a New Foundation that Helps Military Mothers

On June 8, our film project received a significant endorsement from Operation G.I. Jane, an organization that provides services to help single mothers in the military who have been deployed overseas.  An estimated  16,000   women serving in the armed forces are single mothers; and Operation G.I. Jane, backed by Coggins International, provides the following services to help mitigate the hardships of their circumstances:

    • communication with their children via webcam technology
    • airfare for much-needed visits home
    • necessities kits for both mother and child
    • healing therapy
    • career transitioning

I had a chance to speak with Jula Jane, CEO of both Coggins and G.I. Jane, and in addition to having Coggins join our list of financial backers, we began a dialogue about ways gone Elvis and Operation G.I. Jane might benefit each other and, therefore, expand awareness of these veterans’ issues to a wider audience.  We look forward to collaborating with this group as we produce the film, and we will keep our fans and supporters up to date on developments.

Jeanne V. Bowerman talks to Pilar Alessandra for her “On the Page” Podcast

Click to download podcast “Balls of Steel”

gone Elvis Executive Producer, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman was in Los Angeles last week for the Great American Pitch Fest, and she was also a guest on the On the Page: Screenwriting Podcast, hosted by Pilar Alessandra, director of the On The Page writing program.  What’s really fun about this for me is that Pilar and I went to college together (just a few years ago really), and I’m a big fan of her work in the field of script consultation. In fact, I think her book The Coffee Break Screenwriter is one of the most intelligent approaches to teaching scriptwriting I have ever encountered; and I mean it.  I am not just saying that because she has enough dirt on me to plant a victory garden.  Seriously, check out the book.  I hate scriptwriting guides, but I really like hers.

In this podcast, “Balls of Steel,” Jeanne talks about her development as a writer and about her many projects, most notably her tremendous work with Douglas A. Blackmon on the adaptation of his book Slavery by Another Name.  She also talks about how I convinced (see tricked) her into donning a producer’s hat to work on gone Elvis with me.  She has yet to discover that producer is, in fact, slavery by another name; and I’d appreciate if nobody told her that just yet.


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